Knocked out Davey Moore and achieving his third world
Por Simón Piña

In one of the most memorable demonstrations of courage and determination to reach a goal, Panamanian Roberto "Hand and Stone" Duran managed to overcome the youth and strength of undefeated U.S. champion David Moore to knock him out spectacularly at the legendary Madison Square Garden and so win global crown Medium Jr. the denouement came in the eighth assault after Duran boxing and psychologically dominate his opponent.

That day Duran reached his 32nd birthday, and within 10 days - the 26 -, were going to turn 11 years of the first time I was crowned champion at the Scottish Ken Buchanan, right there in Madison. And since June is a big month for Roberto, 20 were fulfilled three years of his spectacular victory in Montreal on Sugar Ray Leonard. Seems to be a magical month for Duran, because this magic barrier needed to be overcome.
  Panama's rarely been so dismissed by critics and betting as this time against Moore.
It seems incredible that a man who became so beloved in his country, could fall so deep in the hearts of his partisans. Several demonstrations Perplexing "Cholo" had influenced this situation. But as from hate to love there is only one step, as was Roberto, once and forever, in the hearts of their partial and in the golden pages of world boxing.
A long and painful history

When "Hand and Stone" Duran left his rematch against Ray Leonard on November 25, 1980 at the Superdome in New Orleans, all were shocked. Until the Mexican referee Octavio Meyran seemed in shock and told Roberto that fight. When we realized what had happened the disappointment ran through Latin America and especially in Panama, was totally unprecedented ..
The cock of the yard, the neighborhood handsome prototype had surrendered. That horror. Panama took years to recover from this blow. We will never know the real reasons for Duran to have made ​​that decision, but the truth is that, later learned the damages of that bad time giving the boxing fans several amazing feats.
Moved up, ie now fight in middleweight or junior middleweight in 1981 made ​​two fights. Nino González A and one with Luigi Minchillo. Both good fighters, ranked global listings, and which won a unanimous decision.

Failed attempt against Benitez

In a time when physical and psychological condition did not seem the most appropriate, agreed to the bout between Duran and Puerto Rican Wilfredo Benitez. The Puerto Rican had won the world title by knocking dramatically Jr Medium Briton Maurice Hope. He seemed to be at their best body strength and fitness. The knockout of a great champion like Hope showed how strong he was Benitez at that weight then, in other divisions, had not achieved such strong results.
The fight was at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and its development was uneven. Benitez fought very serious and focused. Asserted his good boxing, height and strength. When Duran tried to mess up the fight and attack openly, he found a well planted and Benitez decided to hit it with determination and even got to hurt.
The decision was unanimous, although more closed than it seemed in the ring. In any case the advantage of Wilfredo was indisputable. The referee was Richard Greene, the same as the Ali-Holmes, while judges, all voted for Benitez. Hal Miller gave 143-142; Lou Tabbath Dave Moretti 145-141 and 144-141.
The result was a little disappointed to partial Duran, but in his heart that night had to acknowledge that there was nothing to do with Benitez. After watching a Duran was considered at a time, the best Pound for Pound Benitez before a winning but not convincing in some fights, you could not believe what happened.
But even more disconcerting was Duran's next fight in which he lost a decision to a fighter of the lot called Kirkland Laing. Already this if seemed the end. Many other times would happen in Duran's career. A defeat that seemed to removal and then a big victory that was revived. Two months later he won a decision to Jimmy Batten in Miami, but his credibility was in tatters.

Against Pepin and then by title.

Pipino Cuevas was very exciting Mexican fighter because of his punching power, seriousness and aggressiveness in the ring. He won the welterweight title in 76 years knocking out Puerto Angel "Cholo" Espada. He defended it 10 times, but on August 2, 80 in Detroit, was ambushed by a deadly forehand of lengthy Thomas Hearns who shot him in the second round. Thereafter, Pepin was not the same. He fell to the canvas in several fights and some were lost to rivals, before they would not have lasted two or three rounds.
Knowing the problems that brought Duran, this fight So Latinos faced two idols, big hitters, but they seemed to be in a period of decline. On January 29, 83 at the Sport Arena in Los Angeles, Pepin and Duran went to gamble for a chance to champion Davey Moore.
It was thought that Duran should avoid exchange blows at close range, not to take chances with the punch of Pepin and because the Panamanian seemed to have more technical resources than the Aztec, which was single-minded in his left hand attack. Duran disregarded these recommendations and went to kill with Pepin.
It was a generous give and take without speculation. Just take, hold and return, until one of them fell. The advantage went to Duran who bravely endured the punishment of Pepin and back thing, even stronger. In the fourth round, Duran right ravaged humanity of Pepin who retreated sense. A count and again to the attack. The referee James Jen Kim stopped the fight when Pepin spent working in a corner and Duran stepped up its artillery.

The fight with Moore

Five months later, the opportunity came to start against Dave Moore at Madison Square Garden in New York. 11 years before, Duran won the lightweight crown in the same ring, defeating the Scot Ken Buchanan in round 13. The blonde whiskey country, refused to go out for round 13  claiming to be crippled by illegal blows given him by the Panama in an effort to win the title. The referee Johnny Lobianco not believe in that argument and told the 10 sitting in his corner decreeing knockout.
But now he left no favorite Duran. All bets aimed at that would be easy prey for the youth of Moore. This young New Yorker had won the crown by knocking out Japanese Tadashi Mihara. He defended the title four times, one of them before the Ugandan Ayub Kalule, gold medal at the 1st World Amateur Boxing Championships in Havana 74 in the welterweight division Kalule Jr. stopped him in the 10th round which credited to Moore as a champion of stem.
But Duran went plumb, very sure of himself and faced resolutely Moore who attacked at first trying to impose his youth, but Duran controlled the attacks with ease and began to haunt the young Moore with a smirk.
Mastering Duran was accentuated and confusion gripped the champion. By the sixth round had an ugly bruise on his right eye product of repeated blows of Panamanian challenger. In the eighth and the thing took slaughter levels and Duran decided to finish the work. A right Duran, when Moore went back to the ropes, knocked the champion who looked totally devastated. Ernesto Magana Mexican Referee proceeded to stop the unequal combat.
 By the time of the stoppage, the three judges had Duran ahead. The Venezuelan Fernando Viso 70-64 and led him Kasumasa Kawasa Japanese and remembered Yusaku Yoshida (referee of the fight Alfredo Marcano and Kobayashi) the carrying 70-65.
So Durán won his third world crown. This would help to rescue his botched popularity with the Panamanian people that still wanted. Moore continued boxing without returning to the limelight. Soon after, he died in a domestic accident.
Duran followed in boxing long after. He earned great victories and suffered setbacks, but his fighter's greatness has been recorded in history.