Por Simón Piña

When Roy Jones jumped to professional boxing, and many people in the middle knew we were in the presence of a star. His recent presentation spoiled Seoul 88 Olympics, had been placed in the center of a big problem with the authorities of the AIBA, Olympic boxing's governing body.
The decision of the final fight middleweight 3-2 favoring Korean If Hun Park on U.S. Rep. Roy Jones Jr, caused a hurricane within the Olympic organization and led to the dismissal of several judges and modification of voting system amateur character skills supervised by AIBA.
  I do not vote for cards and 20-19 points system that would be used if a little machine with buttons that reflect the blows scored by the judges. It was enough that 3 of the 5 judges simultaneously oppress the button for a fighter, for this is to score a point.
Such was the superiority of Jones in the final against If Hun Park, the AIBA through of the Committee, appointed Roy Jones Jr as the "Most Technical Boxer Seoul 88". However, the apology was not enough and the U.S. delegation protest continued until the removal of the judges and the change in the voting system. Later the little machine that has not meant the solution was expected and infamous decisions continue to occur thus, seems to be back to the old system.

Roy Jones Jr. jumps to professional
Jones Jr made his debut in his native Pensacola on May 6, 89. Still ringing in the environment Seul scandal. Amid buzz Roy was developing his career at middleweight. He had retired almost two years the "Wonderful" Marvin Hagler and already prospectazo thought that Florida State could be a worthy successor. Thomas Hearns and Duran Barkley alternately dominated the division.
But he was still too young to think about those monsters. So he put together 15 wins by knockout, but anesthetized chain was arrested on June 30, 92 by veteran Argentine Jorge "Locomotive" Castro when he won a unanimous decision in Pensacola. Jones continued his success in boxing, although pugilistic work alternated with basketball practice.
He won three more fights by knockout and he was given the opportunity to contest the vacant IBF title by one who later became famous as a "Methuselah" Boxing: Bernard Hopkins. In a fight of strategies, Roy took advantage of its refined boxing to the tricks and the undisputed quality of its rival, and won a unanimous decision. Three judges voted 116-112. The referee of this fight where he lost Hopkins was, coincidentally, Steven Smoger who, years later, on September 29, 2001, stop in favor of Hopkins, the fight with Tito Trinidad at Madison Square Garden in New York.
Made a couple of defenders and decided to invade the upper division. So confronted, the November 18, 1994 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, another multiple champion, James Toney. Another great show, Roy Jones was crowned IBF Super Middleweight champion. Six title defenses, established him as the world's best pound for pound. Heavyweight division invaded and defeated by unanimous decision to another historic boxing: the Jamaican Mike McCallum on November 22, 96 in Tampa, Florida.

The first loss
When nobody expected, Roy Jones suffered his first defeat. It was on March 21, 1997 at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. His opponent was the undefeated Montell Griffith. They fought in a small hotel room Donald Trump. That day pro debut, David Reid, who had won the gold medal at the Olympics welterweight Atlanta 96. It was the only U.S. gold medal in boxing and widely came when Reid lost the final fight - 13-6 - but managed to hit a forehand that deadly glared at Cuban Alfredo Duvergel in the last round.
Reid debuted successfully four round decision win Sam Calderon. Then came the star. There was a group of people with black T-shirts were printed the diminutive name of the challenger: "Monti". Jones Jr started with confidence. Griffith left corner is what caused the euphoria of his partisans. A Jones seemed not to mind losing the early rounds. The referee was the veteran and winner Tony Perez and the fight was sanctioned by the New Jersey Commission presiding over the once famous referee Larry Hazzard.
Referee Tony Perez was the second fight between Ali and Frazier in New York in 1974. Also the last fight of Salvador Sanchez, against Azumah Nelson, also at Madison and August 12, 78, officiated at the Maestranza in Maracay, the sensational fight between the Venezuelan and Mexican Betulio Augie Gonzalez Swords WBA flyweight title .
In the middle of the fight Jones Jr took control of the actions and the seventh knocked Griffith. In the ninth went off and returned to topple "Monti" with such bad luck that the final blow could not hold him and he hit his opponent when he was down. Perez told the ten and decreed the knockout. But Griffith's corner protested and, after a time of deliberation, the Committee decided to give the victory by disqualification to Griffith. So Roy Jones Jr lost its status
undefeated. Immediately Wine Jones Jr revenge and put things in place. This time payaseó and knocked out Griffith in the very first round.

Dictatorship in semicompletos

He faced then, and with the WBC Heavyweight belt, former Super champ Virgil Hill. Roy overcame the once great champion and shot him in the fourth round with a blow to the side. Hill fell to the mat screaming in pain. It was later revealed that he suffered broken ribs. Then captured the WBA title by defeating Lou del Valle by unanimous decision, but in this fight, fell to the canvas in the final round.
The January 15, 2000 retained his title winning by unanimous decision in a fight David Telesco historical, not for its development or by the opponent, but because the first fight was held in New York's famous theater Radio City Music Hall. Continued to rule at will the division of semicompletos and was considered the best pound for pound, but complained that earned very little money
Was recognized by all world boxing governing bodies. In all the lists of specialized publications in the world of boxing, his name appeared at the top. But Tyson, the De La Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez earned the more he

Jump to heavyweight and decay.

Finally, on March 2003, it was agreed the fight for the world title against heavyweight WBA champion John Ruiz at the Thomas & Mac Center in Las Vegas. Roy gave the evening a good boxing demonstration and soundly defeated Ruiz by unanimous decision to world champion crowned in the top division. At last it was time that both waited. Now if you win the money you deserve.
But, to everyone's surprise, Jones defended the heavyweight title and decided to return to the semicompletos. After a full advance diet and exercise to reach 190 pounds, now Jones Jr wanted retrace our steps. He decided to defend the crowns that were returned after repentance before the American Antonio Tarver. The same thing we've seen now in the role of Dixon Maison heavyweight champion in the film Rocky VI.
Jones retained their crowns before Tarver by majority decision after deducting about 15 kilos I had gained to challenge John Ruiz. The May 15, 2004 took place in the modern revenge Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Jones Jr easily dominated the first round and was the same in the second when a surprise left hook from Tarver knocked Jones Jr who could not get up before 10 seconds.
In September Glen Johnson faced by the IBF title, and in a bewildering demonstration fulminant Ko fell in the ninth round, almost without resistance. He made another attempt to Tarver and lost by unanimous decision. It was recommended withdrawal but Roy insisted follow. Publicized won a big fight another refused to hang up the gloves: Tito Trinidad at Madison Square Garden. Then he lost a lopsided decision in an annoying fight, against England's Joe Calzague.
He won two more fights, but in Australia, was knocked out in the first round by Danny Green. Even this Roy convinced that since boxing was, for him, a thing of the past. His name was still attractive in the marquees of Las Vegas and the April 3, 2010 he faced in the Mandalay Bay to his old rival Bernard Hopkins. This time, "The Executioner" managed revenge by a unanimous decision. He rested for a year and then went to Moscow to lose by Ko in the 10th round with the prospect Denis Levedev. He recently fought twice with wins by decision. It was such a good fighter that 30% that is it enough to win fights to regulate importance. The last was the 30-6-2012 in Lodz, Poland. Won Pawel Glazewski decision.
It is not known if Jones Jr, at age 44, continue or retire. Anyway, the fact is that it has a special place in the history of boxing.